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Weight Loss Stack

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The Weight Loss Stack includes Top 3 fat loss support products as follows :


Rival Whey Protein 2lbs –  The no.1 selling Isolate whey protein that gives you 24 g protein, 1 g fat, 1 g sugar, Zero Lactose. This delicious tasting protein comes in 4 different flavours that gives you absolute best results for fat loss.

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Evolution Nutrition Weight Management – This is a highly potent  fatloss product that helps to increase the metabolism, Alertness and Energy to fuel a high intensity workout.


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Mutant BCAA’s – The Branched Chain Amino Acid is highly recommended for muscle support and recovery. It includes 9.7g of Aminos with 7.2g of Bcaa’s


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Combined all of the above products with a fat loss specific diet will give you incredible fat loss benefits with added lean muscle.


Sample Meal Plan :

This is a combination of a meal plan and supplement guide.


meal 1 – 4 eggs + 1 glass  milk + Whey protein smoothie ( Almond milk + 30g Whey protein + Blueberries) + 1 tab Energized Weight management pill

Meal 2 – 150g chicken breast + veggies

Meal 3 – 150g chicken breast + 150g rice

Before Gym – 1 tab Energized Weight Management

During Gym – 10g BCAA’s

Post gym – 40g Whey Protein

Meal  4 – 250g Salmon + veggies




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