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Maxx Gainer by Maxx

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If you’re looking to gain some size quickly, but without wanting too much fat gain. Max’s is a good option for hard-gainers or anyone wishing to take their development to the next level, this tried and tested product remains a suitable choice.

Musclemaxx Mass Gainer is a decent weight gainer that should get the job done. It is everything that you need to grow! It is a mass gainer that provides a complete spectrum of nutrients giving you the necessary elements to fuel your gains.

A complete blend of 4 different proteins that is designed to absorb at a different rate providing you with fast and slow release protein delivery.

The key ingredients in this gainer is to drive rapid muscle gains quickly calories, Bcaas,  Lipids, Carbs And Aminos.

Max’s gainer has a massive 1,326 Calories and 56gm of protein in every serving to provide a complete spectrum of nutrients which are necessary to fuel the gains. It is fortified with Aminos  like L-Glycine, L-Glutamine And The Essential Bcaas L-Leucine, L-Valine And L- Isoleucineto enhance recovery and increase muscle protein. it contains Glutamine peptides  which are a more stable form of L-glutamine. They are more easily assimilated by the body. Glutamine helps to reduce muscle breakdown while assisting in recovery and growth.

Max’s have gone a slightly different route from their competitors when it comes to the carb profile of their product. To ensure your energy levels remain at a peak for intense training and to optimise muscle growth, this product uses a sustained release carb blend made up of maize maltodextrin, fructose and soluble fibre.

Each of these carbs are absorbed at a different rate which limits the amount of insulin the body releases and therefore the amount of fat gained.

It’s a micronised protein, so it mixes very well and with no clumping.

Directions :

Mix 1 scoop of protein with 350-400 mls of water or milk of your choice and have it right after your training.

For best results, try taking two – three servings each day between meals if you are a hardgainer or want to see the results faster, you can increase the number of servings.




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