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Train –2013-Present

DOB – 15.01.1995

Goal for 2021 – Arnold Classic Champion

Sponsor : Supps247 Health Supplements and Nutrition

Why you like bodybuilding?
I love bodybuilding because it gives me a sense of accomplishment and keeps my mind positive.

What is your fav workout ?
Chest and triceps

How you stick to diet ?
I meal prep everything

What secret for bulking ?
High Carb intake with heavy weight training

What would recommend to your client ?
The thing I say to my every Clients is “ consistency, hard work and patience is the key to achieving your goals”

what is your supplements stack ?

Whey Protein Isolate : I take 1 scoop in the morning and 1 after workouts.

Pre workout : one scoop of pre workout before training .This help me increase muscle pump and energy . After taking 1 scoop , Start training and hit my session at my Best.

Gluatamine : 1 scoop in the moring mixed with protein and 1 scoop of 5g after workouts put in my post workout shake.

Bcaa’s : I use Branch chains of amino as a intra workout and help promote muscle building, supply energy, support immunity and reduce exercise fatigue and post-exercise muscle damage.

Multi vitamins :I take multi vitamins in the morning and 1 with dinner .

Fish Oil : 1 fish Oil in the morning and 1 fish oil with Dinner .

DOB : 15th feb 1994

Achievement in Fitness – 82kg to 66kg 3months

Why you started this Weight Loss journey ?

  1. To show everyone that your life goals shouldn’t be dropped no matter what life throws at you, even if it’s a pandemic.
  2. To show girls who rejected me in the recent past they shouldn’t judge me on looks.
  3. o beat previous records of my past fitness journey.
  4. To promote Health and Good Lifestyle. A lot of people have let go of themselves, I want to show them that life can be full of quality and godly physique.

Why People find it hard to loose weight ? what you have done so amazing ?

People find it hard to lose weight because they choose to make it hard instead of making it easy.

Find tips and tricks that work for you, be open-minded to different opinions whether they are experts or novice. Use the information that works for you! Ease into your diet and exercise routine by slowly implementing it as part of your lifestyle.

Find your motivation/s for your goals and use that as fuel, think of anything you can.

Examples such as; To prove someone wrong, to show others you’re not weak, fast-paced music, making it fun in your own ways, to feel and look functional, to prevent sickness, to be able to participate in all extracurricular activities with family and friends.

I’m glad you asked me, because I have a serious dedication to this lifestyle. And I absolutely love it! I’ve found my purpose in life, I was designed for this… 😄

In other words, I don’t fuck around bro hahaha 😂

Why type of training schedule you follow ?

3 days on, 1 day off.

Currently on a program given to me by my personal trainer Francesco Ravenelli from Fitness First Melbourne Central

I’ve modified the program myself, originally it was meant to be for Lean Out Phase with Resistance Bands. I’ve basically made it exercises that I feel that I needed for my body with weights instead of the bands.

What is your Goal for 2021 ?

My goal is to graduate my Personal Training Course, get into Fitness Modelling, Sponsorship, Fashion Modelling, Compete in Championships.

What supplements you been taking ? how they Help you in your fitness Journey ?

At the moment I’ve been using Creatine, Omega Protein Powder and Amino Acids from supps247 Springvale

Well the Omega and Amino’s taste quite nice. It motivates me a lot more to drink it. It doesn’t really matter what protein powder you have, so long as it does it’s job.

The Amino’s are more of a mental placebo than anything because I get my Amino’s from my diet anyway.

I firmly believe the Creatine has started to kick in and I’m seeing a bit more bigness and definition. Which should help me work on overall bigness which is what I want now.

who would you like to thank ? someone special who stand by your side through this Transformation?

I would like to thank my family for teaching me how to cook and let me use their kitchen for my nutrition and supplements needs.

My personal trainer Francesco for showing me the world of fitness and how glorious it is.

My mates as well. Chris Borysiak for some tips, tricks and friendly fitness rivalry. Sonul for doing some workouts with me and encouraging me.

My friends and followers pushing me to keep going with my journey.

Lawrence Templar for actually giving me a goal to work towards. Basically I want his body, it’s godly! He won the Arnold Championship last year and we’ve been chatting every now and then.

Have You got Sponsored ?

I would like to Thank Supps247 for sponsoring me and help me with supplements that I use every day .

About Bikini & Fitness Model Posing Coach Nat Kitney. Nat Kitney is a 3 times Bikini Model Champion within the Australasian Natural Bodybuilding (ANB) & World Natural Body Building Associations (WNBF/INBF). Her sound knowledge of posing for bikini and fitness models was developed from her years of experience on stage herself,  working closely with judges from many federations (ICN, WBFF, ANB, WFF, IFBB, WBFF, INBA, PCA) as well as through coaching hundreds of bikini and fitness models throughout her Posing Coaching career.  Nat’s attention to detail in Posing and ability to clearly instruct posing routines to clients also comes from a combination of her 12 year dancing and aerobics instruction background.

With all this combined she offers experienced and up to date posing coaching specific to all federations and is able to break down all the (posing) steps to stage in detail with the different packages she offers to her clients according to what federation they choose to compete in (eg IFBB WFF ANB ICN WBFF INBA PCA).

Located in Mentone, Nat has built her posing business on the passion and love she has for helping the girls in the sport which has led to her opening her very own private Posing Studio


  • Australasian Natural Bodybuilding (ANB) Second Place Swimsuit Model Over 30s 23rd May 2015
  • Australasian Natural Bodybuilding (ANB) First Place Swimsuit Model Over 30s 29th March 2015
  • WNBF & INBF First Place Bikini Model Open 7th March 2015
  • WNBF & INBF Overall Winner 7th March 2015
  • First Place Swimsuit Model Over 30s division at the Australasian Natural Bodybuilding (ANB) Victorian State Fitness & Swimwear Model Championships 4th October 2014.
  • Most photogenic in the Swimsuit Model division at the Australasian Natural Bodybuilding (ANB) Victorian State Fitness & Swimwear Model Championships 4th October 2014.
  • Fifth place in the Bikini Model Novice division at the INBA Melbourne Classic 28th April 2013
  • Transformation Story featured in the October 2015 issue of OXYGEN

Mahdi farshidinasab 

Featured athlete of the month.

Train at crunch fitness Springvale

Muscle city Ferntree gully road
Work as a private trainer and coach (mobile trainer)
My studio 1430 high street Malvern

My goal for 2021
Just take a break and grow my business

I  have Been training all the athletes and getting ready for their next comp .


Mahidi Weight training :

Monday – chest

Tuesday – Back / Biceps

Wednesday – Legs

Thursday- Shoulder / Arms

Friday – Lats / Back

Mahidi Flexibility training

6 meals a day

Most White meat(chicken and fish)

Twice a week Red meat (lean beef)

Carb , white rice and sweet potato


Salad beside all my meal + broccoli

8 to 10 liter of water

My supplement in comp Prep
3: Protein WPI
6:Amino tablets


In bulk season
3:Protein mass



Name– Dilip Sharon Sebastian Selvam
Date of Birth– 7th March 1981
Profession– Personal Trainer and online fitness coach
Work place – Works at Snap Fitness South Yarr

Training Plan-
I train 4-5 days a week. My training style varies depending on my kettlebell competitions.

At the moment I’m working on my strength and power.

I love to combine functional training with my daily workouts and always a cardio session over the weekends. I burn approx 500-750 calories in a single workout easily.

Diet Plan-
I pretty much eat healthy, I love carbs and my metabolism is really high as I workout really hard. I’m trying to put on some weight, and my macros looks like 50%carbs 30%protein 30% fat.Future Plans-
Promoting my online business.
also love to work with a Rugby Union Team as a trainer, as I was a rugby player myself.

Im a sportsman and I see gym as ‘the church’ for any sportsman or for a fitness addict. I love the Gym and I would like to run my own in future.

I wanna stay fit and live as an example for my clients, athletes I coach and for my family and friends.

Next competition-
kettlebells at Arnold sport festival and before that I’m trying to compete in a power lifting competition and looking for an novice competition.

About Me-
Sports has played a defining role in my life form a very young age. I was hooked on rugby at school which led to a professional career proudly representing my country at the national level. This gave me the privilege of working with leading coaches and trainers from around the world.
Apart from rugby I have competed in weight lifting, bodybuilding and kettlebell sports and this taught me the basics and encouraged me to learn and study more.
My sporting history combined with my continuous education and passion in fitness has allowed me to practice my dream job, Coaching Rugby teams and training individuals to achieve their goals. From weight loss to strength, athletic development & sports specific training i have the knowledge to get you to reach your goal.

Who else you wanna thank –

Firstly I wanna thank God for all the strength and courage given to me and my Dad,Mum and my family for raising me as a sportsman. Thank you dad for teaching me squats, clean and jerk at the age of 5 that’s why I love weights this much.

And my brother Dinesh who taught me rugby at the age of 7 and took me for practice till high school.
And also a big thank you to my wife for the great support given in my sports career and fitness life. And still supports me to achieve my goals with our little bundle of joy Tahlia.

And not forgetting all my coaches, teachers friends and fans who coached and supported me through out my career.
Thank you Sandro my boss and my Snap Fitness team for making my work place like home.
Thanks Gagan for selecting me to work with Sups247 team

Social Media-
FB- http://trainwithdilip
Instagram- http://trainwithdilip

Bruce Clark

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Originally from Canada, Bruce Moved to Australia.
A former Police officer ,

Bruce opted for a change of career down under and decided to start his own Business. He choose to be fitness industry
and do his best on natural bodybuilding and decided to compete professionally on stage.
A former elite sailor is no stranger
to the weight room. He said weight Training opened many doors for him both from sporting and professional perspective including
competing in ICN , IFFB and ranking 7th in the ICN world Championship

Bruce business has grown day by day and now he own and mange Peak Fitness Gym and Altitude .
Now he encourage all his gym members staff and family to follow healthy and happy life style

Up close and personal interview with Bruce Clark
Achievements :

7th Rank in ICN world Champion ship happened in Melbourne
Runner up in IFFB Elite Victoria State championship
3rd in WFFB Championship
Successful Fitness Business of the year 2019

What is your Training Split?

Image may contain: 1 person

Monday: Chest / Triceps
Tuesday: Upper Back / Biceps
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Shoulders
Friday: Chest / Arms
Saturday: Hamstrings / calf
Sunday: REST or low impact cardio

What does your typical diet look like?

Designed by Coach Paul jayllian
Meal 1 – Beef Mince + Coconut Oil + Nuts + Sauerkraut + Fat burner

Meal 2 – Chicken + Rice + Beetroot + Dark Chocolate + Bcaa + Glutamine(Recovery)

INTRA – MTS Machine Carb10 + Ryse Up BCAA + EAA

Meal 3 – Cyborg Sports WPI + Cocoa Bombs + Multi vitamins

Meal 4 – Chicken + Sweet Potato

Meal 5 – Beef Mince + Olive Oil + Nuts

Meal 6 – Casein Protein + Blue Berries

What is your supplement stack ?

sponsored by Supps247

Rival Whey Protein Isolate – For recovery and Muscle Building

Rapid Shred fat burner – Increase fat burning and Promote high energy level

Glutamine – Increase my protein synthesis and enhance muscle recovery

Creatine – Increase power and Muscle recovery

Alpha max – Increase my natural testosterone to enhance muscle building.

Greens – I use ultimate greens

In your opinion, what is the most effective way to build muscle?


Consistency , Hard work and Progression Over load .

What is your ‘go-to’ or favourite cheat meal?

What ever Carmel lacono cook on my cheat day
Most common pieces advice you give to people?

1. Take time to know yourself. “Know thyself” said Aristotle. When you know who you are, you can be wise about your goals, your dreams, your standards, your convictions. Knowing who you are allows you to live your life with purpose and meaning.
2. A narrow focus brings big results. The number one reason people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go instead of how far they have come. But it’s a series of small wins that can give us the most significant success.
3. Show up fully. Don’t dwell on the past, and don’t daydream about the future, but concentrate on showing up fully in the present moment.
How do you ensure you stick to your diet?
Just always remember why we started .

Paul Jayllian – featured athlete of the month

Image may contain: Paul Jayilian

Sponsored by : Supps247

About me:

I’ve always had a fear of being average and just existing rather than living. I don’t know where it started or why I am like this but once I began going to the gym, as an 18 year old, I could tell that this was a way for me to carry around the lifestyle and work I put into my own self development both physically and mentally.

Like a living trophy of sacrifices and commitment towards my goals. It’s never been an ego thing either, some of the most motivating and inspiring people I know are not jacked or shredded and I don’t hold this above anything else as a means of success or status.

For me, this symbolises something I enjoy as a process rather than an outcome. I love experimenting, the journey, I want to master my craft, master the body and mind and the principles of how and why things happen to become the best athlete and coach I can be



Novice champion, All state champion, Victorian champion, Australian champion, FitX champion, Arnold classic champion 
Victorian champion, Australian champion, Kahma classic champion, World champion 

Paul Jayllian what is  your Training Split?

Monday: Chest / Shoulders / Triceps

Tuesday: Upper Back / Biceps

Wednesday: Legs

Thursday: REST

Friday: Chest / Shoulders / Arms

Saturday: Hamstrings / Lats

Sunday: REST


Meal 1 – Beef Mince + Coconut Oil + Nuts + Sauerkraut +  Fat burner

Meal 2 – Chicken + Rice + Beetroot + Dark Chocolate + Bcaa + Glutamine(Recovery)

INTRA – MTS Machine Carb10 + Ryse Up BCAA + EAA

Meal 3 – Cyborg Sports WPI + Cocoa Bombs + Multi vitamins

Meal 4 – Chicken + Sweet Potato

Meal 5 – Beef Mince + Olive Oil + Nuts

Meal 6 – Casein Protein + Blue Berries

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2020 is about developing my physique as well as my own brand


Image may contain: 7 people, including Klades Jayilian and Paul Jayilian, people smiling, people standing and shoes

Join gym and start training hard and hard and then decided to test myself on Stage .

What is your supplement Stack ?

Protein : 3 times a day

Fat burner : During cutting cycle

creatine : bulking season

Bcaa – I use for recovery and muscle building During Workout.

In your opinion, what is the most effective way to build muscle?

Progressive Overload in training & utilising Insulin Sensitivity and hiring coach  who know about training and nutrition

Pizzaaaaa and klade Jayllian cooking .

Image may contain: Klades Jayilian and Paul Jayilian, people smiling, people standing

Be patient and enjoy the process otherwise and make journey of of your life best ever.

If you rush to the destination you will NEVER find happiness.

Its really Depend how you want score your success , You have to decide what make you happy .

How do you ensure you stick to your diet?

Gratitude. I enjoy the foods and plan my meals with all the important nutritions. Restriction is bad only when the restriction is misunderstood.One of the best way to plan your meals and understand the important of nutrition to health and Fitness

Too much of anything is negative, even healthy food. You must understand what you’re doing and why it is important so that you can enjoy it. I stick to my nutritional requirements because I am grateful for the opportunity to better myself and be healthy.

I am a man of commitment and when  decide  to stick on something and then I give 100% to myself . I  always want to make my family , friends and my athletes proud of me.

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