Gold Standard Whey Protein by Optimum Nutrition
Gold Standard Whey Protein by Optimum Nutrition

Gold Standard Whey Protein by Optimum Nutrition

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100% Optimum Whey Gold Standard is a potent pharmaceutical grade protein supplement. Each serving delivers 24 grams of high biologically valued protein and only one gram of fat. It contains no added carbohydrates. Each serving has only three grams of carbohydrates, making it an excellent choice for individuals on low carbohydrate diets.

This Protein Product is made from micro filtered WPI (Whey Protein Isolate), ion exchange WPI, ultra filtered WPC (Whey Protein Concentrate), and hydrolyzed "Hydro whey" peptides. This combination provides you with a substantial serve of ultra pure whey protein without all the fillers and additives. 100Whey-gs-facts.jpg   

Optimum Nutrition have forged their place as an industry leader and this is typified by the dominance of Gold Standard 100% Whey, one of the world's best-selling whey protein. This is why a veritable smorgasbord of world class athletes are using their products, such as IFBB pro Steve Cook.

Cook has been one of the most recognisable faces in the sports and fitness industry over the last few years. His supplement intake increases as he begins to cut calories leading into a contest. This is because he looks to maximise gym time and ensure he leaves nothing to chance.

100% Optimum Whey Protein provides the perfect balance of Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids including a high concentration of Branch Chain Amino Acids. This improves nitrogen retention and muscle growth. It also now contains lactase and aminogen digestive enzymes to further enhance absorption and make this product even more friendly to lactose intolerant individuals. 

100% Optimum Whey Protein has a higher protein percentage and has been one of the leaders in the market for some time. With 23 grams of protein in just over a one ounce serving, it's more than 78% protein driven. With an instantised formula that mixes easily and tastes delicious, try mixing one scoop with your oatmeal, yogurt, muffins, pancake and other recipes.

Key Benefits

  • Jam packed with whey protein isolates
  • Higher pure protein percentage
  • Fast acting hydrowhey peptides
  • Whey protein microfractions present
  • More than five grams of BCAAs
  • Over four grams of glutamine & other precursors
  • Instantised to mix easily



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