GEN-TEC Casein Protein Custard
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GEN-TEC Casein Protein Custard

GEN-TEC Casein Protein Custard

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What is Gen-Tec Casein Protein Custard?

Long before casein protein made its way into the fitness mainstream, only professional bodybuilders knew about this secret weapon for muscle building. Due to its unique digestion properties, casein protein ensures a consistent supply of muscle building amino acids over a long period of time. Gen-Tec has taken this one step further with Casein Protein Custard.

Ideal to break the morning fast and provide amino acids throughout the night, Gen-Tec Casein Protein Custard is the ultimate supplement for ideal protein delivery and real results.

What are the benefits of usingGen-Tec Casein Protein Custard?

Gen-Tec Casein Protein Custard provides you with a series of scientifically proven benefits. Casein protein has been shown in a variety of studies to provide the following benefits:

Boosts Anabolism

With a slower digestion speed, casein protein delivers MORE amino acids over a LONGER period of time. This results in greater anabolism for insane muscle growth.

Protects Muscle Tissue

Since the body is getting a consistent supply of amino acids, muscle tissue is spared from protein breakdown.

Supplies BCAAs

Casein protein delivers a high amount of branched chain amino acids, which are absolutely essential for muscle building and sports recovery. (1)

With benefits aside, Gen-Tec Casein Protein Custard provides a flavor that can’t be beat. What’s more, you can mix it into an actual custard! Imagine having a delicious dessert EVERY time you get your protein for the day.

Who should be usingGen-Tec Casein Protein Custard?

If your goals include serious muscle mass or you just want to replace a meal with a high quality protein shake, look no further than Gen-Tec Casein Protein Custard. This delicious and beneficial protein supplement will ensure your gains and results.