BSN SYNTHA 6 EDGE Whey protein + Free Mars Proteini bar
BSN SYNTHA 6 EDGE Whey protein + Free Mars Proteini bar

BSN SYNTHA 6 EDGE Whey protein + Free Mars Proteini bar

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Syntha-6 is among one of the most recognised and used protein powders on the market. When BSN first launched Syntha-6 it won widespread acclaim for its taste but at the same time many questioned whether a protein powder which was less than 50% protein by weight should actually be classed as a protein powder at all rather than a meal replacement. BSN have now reformulated and rebranded the product as Syntha-6 Edge and in doing so have introduced a number of changes to improve the quality of the product.

Six-Stage Protein Blend

Syntha-6 Edge is so called because it uses 6 different sources of protein from a variety of whey, and milk protein sources. Each protein source has its own unique benefits with different ratios of amino acids and delivery rates to the body. This makes Syntha-6 Edge a versatile protein powder which can be used at any time of the day. Whey protein in general is included for its anabolic qualities - whey being the fastest digesting protein source as well as the one which is richest in the all important branched chain amino acids that drive muscle repair and growth. The downside of a whey protein is that it is used by the body so quickly that after a period of just a couple of hours it will have been metabolised in full. By including milk protein sources as well, Syntha-6 Edge provides extended release of proteins to the body which assists in helping prevent muscle breakdown which can occur if the body is not supplied with protein. 

Increased Protein Content

BSN have now addressed the biggest concern that existed with the original Syntha-6 by increasing the amount of protein by over 20%. The higher protein content makes for a superior product which is better able to support the needs of users seeking faster muscle growth.

Reduced Sugar and Fat

The biggest improvement to Syntha-6 Edge is arguably the reduction in both fat and sugars which were too high for our tastes in the original Syntha-6. This makes Syntha-6 Edge lower in calories than Syntha-6 while at the same time having more protein making it more suitable for dieting than before.

Milkshake Taste and Texture

The main reason to take Syntha-6 Edge remains the outstanding flavour and texture that makes each shake a genuine treat. The original Syntha-6 won rave reviews for its milkshake like qualities and despite increasing the protein and reducing the fat and sugar, Syntha-6 Edge remains a drink with the type of thickness and lush flavours that made it popular in the first place.