CELLUCOR - C4 Extreme
CELLUCOR - C4 Extreme

CELLUCOR - C4 Extreme

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Love Cellucor's C4 Extreme but feel you need something more? Then C4 50X was designed for you! This new formula contains 50% more of all the active and powerful ingredients that you enjoyed in the original, but require more to help you workout more effectively.

Each scoop also contains 2 new ingredients including teacor and xcelicor, both of which are innovative energy ingredients. Your training should be individualized to suit your needs, so don’t settle for a stock standard pre workout.

When the time comes when you pick up the intensity, you need and deserve the best and Cellucor C4 50X is the perfect choice to help you succeed.


Key Points:

  • 50% more active ingredients for a more explosive formulation
  • Added Teacor and Xcelicor for a clean energy boost
  • Designed for those with higher intensity workouts
  • Classic and delicious C4 Extreme flavour


Taste/Mixability: Even with the higher dose in stimulants it tastes and mixes great in water.


Directions: mix 1 scoop with water 20-30 minutes before workout.

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