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Spawn Nutra The Pump Review

Spawn Nutra The Pump Review

Spawn Nutra is a sister company to BPM Labs and Miss BPM – two of the more ‘hardcore’ and popular new supplement manufacturers on the market today. BPM Labs especially has grown in leaps and bounds, thanks to serious combinations of muscle-building, energy-enhancing and fat-burning ingredients, and Spawn Nutra promises to be as strong in formulation as BPM.

In the space of only two weeks, Spawn Nutra has released a second product to complement Overkill – this time it’s a topical nitric oxide booster – The Pump. Spawn Nutra’s The Pump is currently a one-of-a-kind supplement on our shelves – topical products have gone in and out of style over the last few years, but something tells us that after users start trying The Pump, topicals will be all the rage once again. Topical applications for supplements are quite a clever idea – the skin absorbs nutrients exceptionally well, and this is the reason for many pharmaceutical-grade hormone replacement products being sold in gel forms. This is, however, the first pre-workout topical product we’ve seen.

Spawn Nutra The Pump Key Ingredients

  • Propionyl L-Carnitine – This form of l-carnitine is one of the best nitric oxide stimulants on the market currently, and part of the reason why GPLC is making waves in pre-workouts. The Pump uses this form of PLC as the first ingredient – ideal for a solid nitric oxide boost, which delivers that solid ‘pump’ as promised.
  • Glycerol – Another excellent pump ingredient, glycerol is a fatty acid that absorbs nutrients directly into muscle cells – forcing them to expand. Glycerol is used in most pump products for this skin-tightening ability.
  • Inositol Nicotinate – This ingredient is one we haven’t seen used in supplements, but looks like it has great promise. Inositol nicotinate is referred to by some as ‘non-flushing niacin’ – and anyone who has experienced the rash and heat of niacin flush knows all about this kind of discomfort. Niacin widens blood vessels, which in turn allows more blood to flow through it, creating greater pump and vascularity.

Spawn Nutra The Pump Flavours & Sizes

The Pump comes in a 4 ounce roll-on application bottle, which provides approximately one month’s supply.

Spawn Nutra The Pump Dosage

The Pump will last approximately 30 days, which means that each day you’ll be absorbing around 3.7 grams of ingredients. Unfortunately, we don’t have any idea of ingredient doses – they aren’t defined on the label. The 3.7g serving size appears to be quite a good one, though, so follow the instructions and apply a coin-sized application onto the muscle you’re about to train, before you start your workout.

Spawn Nutra The Pump Features

  • Novel roll-on application
  • High quality pump ingredients
  • 30 workouts per bottle

The Bottom Line

We’ve just received our shipment of Spawn Nutra The Pump, and can’t wait to take it to the gym for our next arms session. With a nice variety of pump ingredients, and a roll-on application that we haven’t seen for a long time in supplements (especially pre-workouts!), we love the outside-the-box thinking of Spawn Nutra, and what The Pump can offer in effective pre training boosts.

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