C4 Pre Workout Review And C4 Vs 4th Gen

C4 Pre Workout Review And C4 Vs 4th Gen

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Cellucor has officially released their update for the flagship pre workout C4 Extreme. The new formulation goes by the name C4 4th Gen and is said to be a refinement towards focusing on what makes C4 a great pre workout and what people look for when they take it. In addition to the 4th generation C4, they also released C4 50x which is a more concentrated version of the new 4th gen.

Right here, right now we’re going to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about the new C4 and 50x because we went out and bought them both on opening day. Why? Because we take our reviews as serious as our gains!

Cellucor C4 Original Vs. The New C4 4th Gen Vs. C4 50x

Our Initial Thoughts, Concerns and Hopes
When we heard C4 was being reformulated, we knew it was going to be a big deal. After all, it’s the most popular pre workout on the planet. We were expecting the formula to be added to, in a way transforming some of the great characteristics of NO Extreme with the new 4th generation C4.

But, when we took a look at the pre-release ingredient label that’s not what we saw. Instead, a few things were taken out, a new stimulant was added, and besides that the formula has remained pretty similar from a supplement labels perspective.

Differences between the New C4 and Original C4 Pre Workout

Difference Between C4 Pre Workouts

Here, we’re going to directly compare the ingredients between the original pre workout and the new 4th generation version. This will be through a flow. As in, first we will compare the original C4 with 4th Gen and then we will compare 4th gen with the 50x. So you know, our hands on performance review is down farther past this analysis.

To begin, you can see that compared to other supplements the original C4 is a pretty simple formula. We have Beta Alanine for buffering lactic acid and the negative effects of a low pH environment, Creatine in nitrate form for fast absorption and utilization, Arginine AKG for pump, and the Explosive Energy Blend. This blend, contains the stimulants caffeine and synephrine along with N-Acetyl-L-tyrosine. Synephrine has a very similar effect to caffeine, and when taken in conjunction produces very favorable effects in our opinion.

The new C4 4TH generation keeps a lot of these same ingredients as you can see in our visualization above. In reality, the only difference is a tiny bit more beta-alanine and the replacement of synephrine with tetramethyluric acid also known as Theacrine, or what Cellucor likes to call TeaCor. We’ll call it Theacrine.

Theocrine now in Cellucor C4

Theacrine is a molecule impeccably similar to caffeine as you can see in the comparison. This similarity allows Theacrine to have nearly the same effects of caffeine in your body, with the exception that for some reason Theocrine seems to hit a bit harder and last much longer. All in all, a pretty good addition to a pre workout. You can investigate Theocrine more with this article on Nootropicmind.com.

Difference between 4th Gen C4 and 50x Version

So, we grabbed our C4 4th Gen at a GNC for the sole reason that we couldn’t wait for shipping. Of course, due to this we had to pay a whole lot more than if we would have gotten it from a reputable online store like we normally do. But that’s ok this once. While we were there, we saw C4 50x. This was new to us, having not seen it online yet so we picked it up to compare in our review (was mad expensive too, or bill was around $80 in total).

Upon getting back we studied the labels as you easily can in the comparison above and found that the difference between C4 and C4 50x lies in the concentrations. In the 50x version, all ingredients are 50% extra with the exception of stimulants. This is pretty cool, but really did not blow our socks off… Especially for the premium price they slapped on it. In our opinion, we highly recommend you stick with the new C4 4th gen instead of 50x, and if need be up the dose at your own discretion.

4th Generation C4 Extreme Review – In the Gym

New 4th Gen C4 ReviewWe haven’t had this pre workout for long, but we can hammer out a few things for you. First off, the energy is good and long lasting with the new formulation. While the caffeine content still comes in at under 200 mg, this definitely feels strong and might even appeal to all you guys missing the outlawed Craze.

Performance wise, the energy is really the most noticeable aspect about this pre workout like the original before it. The little extra creatine power and arginine power is still there, but that energy is the prize. We will update this section of the review as we experiment more and get feedback from bodybuilders like you. Cheers.

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