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BPM Labs - LipoRush

Use LipoRush for one month and watch the kilos fall off whilst you exactly as the name says, it drives lipo (fat) away with a massive energy rush.

The release of LipoRush ushers a cutting edge release from BPM Labs that stands proudly above all. As this is a balls to the walls release, we had to ensure there was no crash.

Biochemists have ensured that you can take the product on a daily basis. Not only is the product ‘strong’ it is also euphoric and has a 'feel good' quality which is smooth as silk.

LipoRush also has one enemy and it’s called fat.

Simply put these two do not get along and LipoRush wins the war. ALWAYS. Use LipoRush for one month and watch the kilos fall off whilst you experience nuclear energy levels and euphoria.As soon as you have 1 scoop, you will find your eyeballs wide open as the product kicks in. LipoRush is not only an energy fat loss product, it also enhances your life by enhancing your overall mood. 

Mundane tasks are tackled with an effortless approach as LipoRush just keeps delivering the goods.

Benefits of LipoRush

  • Melts Fat Cells through Apoptosis
  • Serious fat burning properties
  • Rapid Energy release that lasts all day
  • Hardcore Thermogenic and Repartitioning Agent
  • Euphoric and a feel me good product
  • Life on LipoRush is simply easier

LipoRush powder as the name suggests, is formulated to drive your fat away from the body. It has a powerful combination of thermogenic ingredients that increase the rate at which the fat is broken down for energy.

In addition to burning fat, LipoRush provides endless energy and may enhance your life by enhancing your overall mood.

LIPO RUSH by BPM Labs is available in Peach Mango, Strawberry Banana Flavours and has 1 size option of 50 Servings (350g). 

Ingredients and Benefits

Taurine has been included for its ability to reduce cortisol, support healthy blood sugar levels, metabolise fats and increase concentration and mood.

Caffeine Anhydrous is a concentrated form of Caffeine known for its ability to increase metabolic rate and increase energy and focus. Studies have shown that caffeine increases energy expenditure from fat without effecting the protein and carbohydrate metabolism.

Nandina Domestica (Fruit) Extract is a potent stimulant that provides laser like focus and energy. Also increase fat mobilization and prevents storage due to its ability to block alpha 2 receptors.experience nuclear energy levels and euphoria.

Green Tea (Camiella Sinensis) Leaf Extract Many studies have shown that green tea extract help in improving weight loss and particularly enhance fat metabolism. Green tea extracts along with regular exercise regimen is found to increase the rate at which fat is lost from the body.

Cacao Plant Extract - This natural extract has been shown to increase metabolism, increase energy, increase blood flow during exercise increasing lipolosis and reducing water retention. Being a mild stimulant and diuretic it helps promote weight loss by giving energy boosts during exercise and also help shed water weight. It is also a natural appetite suppressant.

Eria Jarensis Extract - Derived from the Orchid family, has a positive stimulant effect on mood and focus, and assists fat loss by suppressing appetite.

Bitter Orange Peel Extract is a potent thermogenic and CNS stimulant provides extreme energy. It has been shown to increase resting metabolic rate, which results in weight loss. It is found to exhibit a powerful thermogenic effect, and does not produce the undesirable side effects on blood pressure and heart rate that ephedrine does. It has been further shown to increase metabolic rate when combined with caffeine.

Naringen is a flavonoid found in grapefruits. Naringen is found to interfere with enzymes responsible for the breakdown of many nutrients, increasing the blood level of certain compounds by enhancing both their oral uptake and increasing their half-life in the body. Naringen increases the absorption and effectiveness of other fat burning nutrients.

Tetradium Extract - Recent animal studies have shown that this extract has similar thermogenic and stimulatory properties as that of another well known fat loss ingredient; capsaicin.

Thiamine This particular form of Thiamine has been shown to decrease fatigue, increase focus, ncrease mood, energy and reaction time without the negative effects such as anxiety associated with 

LipoRush drives Lipo (FAT) away from the body whilst providing YOU with a massive energy rush. 

The biochemists at BPM Labs use cutting edge science to ensure YOU that there is no CRASH. 

LipoRush contains a powerful thermogenic formulation that is amazingly potent. Not only is LipoRush strong, it is jitter free. In addition to burning fat, LipoRush provides endless energy and may enhance your life by enhancing your overall mood.

How to use the product?

Mix 1 scoop with 500ml of water 30min before a workout. Do not take within 5 to 6 hours of sleep.

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